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Favorite part is a fun satircal website that hosts your favorite movie stills, favorite celebrities, favorite candid moments, etc...

Favorite Part works by selecting any image/photo/cartoon and clicking on any part of it that you find interesting. By doing so, you mark it as a "Hot Spot".  This spot can be whatever you like, something silly, sexy, weird or ironic.  After you click a photo, image, pic, comic or cartoon you get to see where everybody else clicked.  The results can be more interesting than the image itself.

The heatmaps you see are generated in real time with each and every click being measured and included.

Submit your photos by clicking "Add Pic" in the upper right of the page. Or tag an existing pic with any hastag imaginable.

Coming Soon: Participation Rewards System to reward our top participants

Your vote is your own.  Click as you will.

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