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Favorite Part

Favorite part has all of your favorites.  Favorite movies stills, favorite jokes, favorite celebrities, favorite entertainment moments.

Click on any part of any photo/image/cartoon to mark it as a "Hot Spot".  This spot can be whatever you like, something silly, sexy, weird or ironic.  Any image at Favorite Part can be clicked on.  After you click a photo, image, pic, comic or cartoon you get to see where everybody else clicked.  Sometimes the results are even more interesting than image.

favorite photo
Click on an image to vote.
Votes are some what predictable other times not.  The best example of this is Paris Hilton's Angel wings.

Your vote is your own.  Click as you will.

The heatmaps you see are generated in real time and we've had MILLIONS of them.

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tamara witmer
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gwen stefani legs
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Added On: 5/16/2007
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Click on a part of any image to vote for your favorite part.
Results are completely anonymous and extremely interesting.
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Favorites, everybody has a favorite. You have a favorite band, favorite movie, favorite things and maybe even a favorite girl. Favorite Part asks "What is your favorite part of a photo". Click on ANY photo to vote/mark that as your favorite. Then look at others favorites. The interactive live favorite heatmap details the votes in real time. Some images have 30,000+ favorite clicks. So... what is YOUR favorite part?